Charter Fishing in South Jersey

The Dorcas II

Six Pack Charter Fishing  

Delaware Bay, Fortescue, New Jersey


Captain Bob Kull was licensed 20 years ago by the US Coast Guard and has also been CPR certified by the American Red Cross.  He loves to fish and spends every chance he gets angling.  He started fishing with his dad when he was a little boy.  These days, he fishes the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean off the New Jersey coast,  but he has had the pleasure of hooking some trophy fish in Acapulco and Costa Rica.  


Bob loves to share the thrill and adventure of his favorite sport with others.  Bring a lunch and plan on a fun filled day.  He'll supply bait, poles, tackle and an unforgettable experience onboard his 26 foot Shamrock.   



Captain Bob Kull